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HydroKlenze Biological Wastewater Treatment
HydroKlenze system installed in rural single dwelling

About HydroKlenze

Harrington HydroKlenze is a small wastewater treatment system with Biological Aerated Filter (BAF), designed to process all the wastewater from single dwellings in rural or unsewered areas.

The proven technology of this safe and reliable system is suitable for new build residential properties or the upgrade of existing home septic system installations, and has a capacity for a household of up to 8 persons (4170 litres).

Harrington HydroKlenze is composed of a primary 3-stage septic tank system, with a secondary economical electric air blower (Aeration Treatment Unit) that increases the efficiency in the treatment of household biological waste (influent).

The Harrington HydroKlenze Three Stage Septic Tank

The septic tank is a watertight single structure, with multiple compartments, and is formed from dry cast concrete and reinforced with DRAMIX® steel fibres. The main body of the tank is cast in a single pour with no joints and has a compressive strength of 60N/mm2.

The compact design of the HydroKlenze tank means that its small footprint only requires a hole of 3m wide x 3m long x 2.5m deep and can be connected to a standard percolation area (approx 96m2) to distribute the treated water.

The benefits of choosing the Harrington HydroKlenze system :-

Safe and Reliable

The proven technology of the HydroKlenze system has been stringently tested and complies with the European Standard EN 12566 Part 3, and has been proven to remove a higher percentage of waste matter from the treated water (effluent) than traditional primary septic tank systems.

Easy to Install

Our HydroKlenze concrete tank is simpler and easier to install than alternative septic tank systems such as GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic/fibreglass), brick or mass concrete tanks. It is suitable for all soil types, and doesn't require any additional materials such as ballast water, ready-mix concrete or specialist backfill.

Low Running Costs

As a gravity fed septic system with a Biological Aerated Filter (BAF), the only running costs are for the economical 35 watt air blower, which uses less power than a standard household light bulb. Alternative secondary treatment systems such as Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) and Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) systems require additional motors and pumps to function and therefore consume more power.

Low Maintenance

In contrast to RBC and SBR systems, there are no mechanical moving parts in the HydroKlenze bioreactor chamber so the treatment system is extremely low maintenance. Servicing and repair of the air blower can be accessed from above ground quickly and easily by Harrington technicians or the home owner.

Reduced Desludging

For standard primary treatment septic tank systems it is recommended that the tank be desludged every 12 months to remove the build up of settled sediment not processed by the tank. As a result of stringent testing and the efficiency of the Harrington HydroKlenze system it has been demonstrated that annual desludging may not be required due to reduced levels of sediment.

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