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HydroKlenze Biological Wastewater Treatment
Routine maintenenace on Harrington HydroKlenze septic tank system by Harrington technicians


To protect the environment and, in particular, water quality, houses in un-sewered areas must be on suitable sites and must have an appropriate wastewater treatment system that is correctly installed and maintained.

Due to to the design and construction of the Harrington HydroKlenze Biological Aerated Filter (BAF) system, it requires low maintenance in comparison to alternative secondary treatment systems. There are no mechanical moving parts in the HydroKlenze bioreactor chamber, and servicing or repair of the air blower can be accessed from above ground quickly and easily by Harrington technicians or the home owner.

Installed Harrington HydroKlenze tank with lid removed

The HydroKlenze Tank

The septic tank is a watertight single structure, with multiple compartments, and is formed from dry cast concrete and reinforced with DRAMIX® steel fibres. The main body of the tank is cast in a single pour with no joints and has a compressive strength of 60N/mm2. The lifespan of a concrete tank such as this is projected at 50 years, in contrast to the 25 year lifespan of a GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic/Fibreglass) tank.

The Aeration Blower Unit

The aeration blower unit is externally located, above ground in a separate housing on the tank lid, which enables easy access. The Nitto Kohki LA-60ECO is a very reliable air blower with a warranty of 1 year and a manufacturers estimated lifespan of 5-10 years. The airflow of the unit is 60 litres per minute, it has whisper quiet operation and features a flashing warning light on the unit to indicate if the air blower is malfunctioning.

The unit operates continuously to aerate the liquid in the bioreactor chamber, but at 35 watts the air blower uses less power than a standard household light bulb, and has 45% less power consumption than the equivalent nearest equivalent air blower. The air blower delivers air via an airline to an air diffuser with a fine-pore, anti-clog design which does not require maintenance.

As Harrington HydroKlenze is a gravity fed system, should the air blower unit fail to function due to power failure or malfunction, the system will continue to operate as a standard primary treatment septic tank. If required, the unit can be also turned off for periods of inactivity such as holidays or long term vacancy of the property to conserve energy.


As with all systems that using natural separation and settlement, desludging or emptying of the tank is required to remove bio-solids in the sludge layer. For standard primary treatment septic tank systems it is recommended that the tank be desludged every 12 months to remove the build up of settled sediment not processed by the tank.

However, as a result of stringent testing and the efficiency of the Harrington HydroKlenze system it has been demonstrated that annual desludging may not be required due to reduced levels of sediment compared to alternative systems. Regular maintenance checks of the sludge level will determine when desludging is required.

Maintenance Plan

As specified by each Local Authority, Harrington Concrete offers a simple, low cost maintenance plan for each Harrington HydroKlenze installation. The cost of the plan is €150 per annum and covers all maintenance issues, servicing and sludge level checks as required. Alternatively, without the low cost maintenance plan, each service and repair has a €100 minimum call-out fee.

Support and repairs are provided by our dedicated HydroKlenze maintenance team, headed by John Gilmartin and based in Kilkelly, County Mayo. For further information on installation, replacement parts or support please contact John on 087 6725902 or email jgilmartin@harringtonconcrete.ie.

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