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Harrington HydroKlenze specifications drawing

Quality Standards

The Harrington HydroKlenze system has been stringently tested at the PIA – Testing Institute for Waste Water Technology in Germany and monitored over a period of 6 months. The results surpassed expectations and the HydroKlenze system successfully achieved accordance with the European Standard EN 12566 part 3 (Small Wastewater Treatment System), obtaining CE Mark status permitting its installation in any EU State.

Further information on the standard as outlined by the NSAI (National Standards Authority of Ireland) can be found at www.NSAI.ie or downloaded in the document - I.S. EN 12566-3:2011 (download PDF).

To view the Harrington HydroKlenze performance result certificate click here.

CE Mark
Description Small wastewater treatment system with Biological Aerated Filter (BAF) system
Dimensions 1920mm diameter x 1870mm high
Weight Base tank - 3 tonnes, Lid and Manhole cover - 1 tonne
Capacity 4170 litres (Suitable for a household of up to 8 persons)
Hole required 3 metres long x 3 metres wide x 2.5m deep with level base
Air Blower Unit Nitto Kohki LA-60ECO (Upgraded from previous LA-80B)
Energy Consumption 35 watts (Previously 86 watts with LA-80B)
EN 12566 Part 3 Test Results:-
Nominal organic daily load 0.28kg/day

The wastewater treatment system should be designed for a minimum hydraulic daily load of 150 l/person/day based on the number and size of bedrooms and a minimum organic daily load of 60g BOD/person/day to ensure adequate treatment is provided.

Nominal hydraulic daily load 0.9m3/day
Material Concrete

The plant shall resist loads and stresses resulting from handling, installation and use, including desludging and maintenance, for their design life.

Watertightness Pass
Crushing resistance (calculation method) Pass
Durability Pass
Treatment efficiency (nominal sequences):-
COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) Efficiency 90.3% Effluent 63mg/litre

*At a test influent of greater than 300mg/litre BOD5

Notes:- Influent is wastewater flowing into the treatment plant. Effluent is the treated water flowing out of the treatment plant into the percolation area.

BOD5 (Biological Oxygen Demand) Efficiency 95.2% Effluent 14mg/litre
SS (Suspended Solids) Efficiency 93.3% Effluent 21mg/litre
NH4-N* (Ammonium) Efficiency 83.9% Effluent 5.4mg/litre
Electrical consumption

1.8kWh/day (Tested with previous LA-80B so this has now been greatly reduced)

The energy efficiency of the plant should be considered when deciding the suitability of the wastewater treatment system.

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